Pattern Laser Technology

What is Pattern Scanning Laser Technology?

The Pattern Scanning Laser (PASCAL) system is an advancement of laser photocoagulation therapy for the eyes based on input from clinical experts and recent technologies. The PASCAL system uses multiple laser fibers to deliver pulses of laser energy in multiple spots arranged in a specific pattern selected by your doctor. The treatment time is effectively reduced. Shorter pulse duration is used resulting in less pain and scarring with minimal damage to the area surrounding the target tissue.

Indications for Pattern Scanning Laser Technology

The PASCAL system has a multifunctional design and can be used to treat glaucoma as well as disorders of the retina such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, retinal vascular occlusion, retinal detachment, and tears.

How is Pattern Scanning Laser Treatment Performed?

You will be seated for the procedure. Special eye drops are instilled to numb the eye and dilate the pupil. Your doctor performs the procedure with the help of a computer and an advanced optical slit lamp.

The laser fibers deliver energy at precisely focused spots in the target area. Different fibers may be used for different spot sizes. The laser is delivered at multiple spots with a single foot depression. A wide depth of focus is achieved with uniform distribution of laser energy for consistent photocoagulation.

While treating glaucoma, the laser is directed at the trabecular meshwork of the eye to facilitate drainage of the fluid in the eye. To treat retinal conditions the laser is directed at the retina to seal up leaky or bleeding vessels and tears. With the pattern laser technology, the laser burn spots are equidistant and consistent.

Postoperative Care for Pattern Scanning Laser Treatment

Pattern scanning laser technology reduces the discomfort of laser therapy. You will have some blurriness of vision following the procedure and you will need to use sunglasses. Your doctor will prescribe some medication and eye drops to help you recover. Remember to keep all your follow-up appointments. Inform your doctor if you notice any complications or allergies.

Benefits of Pattern Scanning Laser Technology

  • Reduced treatment time and number of appointments
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced side effects and complications
  • Improved accuracy in delivering laser energy to the target site
  • Improved patient comfort
  • Better clinical outcomes

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